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The 1947 Western Swing Street Dance

Amazing Roswell Airshow! Helicopter, Balloon & Airplane Rides, Vintage Craft & Aerial Acrobatics

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Limited Edition Poster
Signed by Doug Ogg

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This is not the poster!

Signed & Numbered Doug Ogg Poster!
1,000 Numbered, Limited Edition, Hand-signed,
Commemorative UFO Festival Posters have been made available exclusively for the 2007 Roswell UFO Festival!

Artist Doug Ogg (as featured here on the Coast-to-Coast AM website) will be signing and numbering these posters in person for UFO Festival attendees! Reserve one now for $20 and pick it up in person while Ogg appears at the Roswell Convention & Visitors Center
Thursday July 5th, Friday July 6th, or Saturday July 7th
from 2:00 - 4:00pm

THIS is the poster!

Actual Size Dimensions 16x20

Your print's number (1/1000, 23/1000, 612/1000, etc) will be determined by the time and date of your order - ie, first orders receive lowest numbers!

Cartoonist Doug Ogg has had an interest in extraterrestrial life since childhood. In fact, one of his first published cartoons (at the age of 11) dealt with the Apollo 15 Lunar Rover being ticketed while parked on the moon.

In the years since, Mr Ogg has gone on to create his own weekly cartoon feature, OGG’S WORLD. In addition to nationwide syndication, OGG’S WORLD has found a worldwide audience in publications such as The Funny Times, and on the Coast To Coast AM website.

Celebrated for its originality and range of offbeat topics, OGG’S WORLD has touched on such subjects as UFOs, the Loch Ness Monster, Sasquatch, time travel, ghosts, and many other matters of a paranormal nature.

As a 2007 UFO Festival exclusive, Mr Ogg was commissioned to create a special cartoon commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Roswell incident. Limited to a run of 1000 individually hand-signed prints, advance orders for “Return To Roswell” are now being accepted. Mr Ogg will also be on hand during this year’s festival to meet with fans, and to personally sign and dedicate prints and other festival memorabilia.

Check out "Live from Roswell" for archived & upcoming interviews with many of the 2007 UFO Festival speakers!

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