Stranger In Their Midst...
Originally appeared in the ROSWELL DAILY RECORD

Outsider.  Fanatic.  Trouble-maker.  Kook.  Cult. 
Devil-worshiper ...  (and on the more complimentary side,  "Rebel with a Cause"  and even "Renaissance Man" according to one Roswell Daily Record photo caption).

You name it, since moving to Roswell in 1999, Iíve been called it.

For those whoíve never taken the time to read or investigate my works, many of those names above might actually seem appropriate. Although I originally came here as a counter-cult researcher, it appears Iíve occasionally been mistaken as "one of" those I was sent to reach - the UFO cults making a formal religion out of their UFO-related beliefs.

The unexpected popularity of the above site and book eventually inspired the move to Roswell, New Mexico to begin reaching interested parties with a Biblical view.
Now out of print, but often one pops up
on Amazon, at a ridiculous price
You can read it free, HERE

Spurred by the Heavenís Gate tragedy a full decade ago (where 39 people committed suicide to rendezvous with a UFO allegedly passing Earth behind a comet), I wrote a pretty simple book while living in Nashville TN, brought it here, and have continued to make a strange kind of history, I suppose.

Really, I just meant to get my book placed locally, then maybe move back to my home. I really, really didnít mean to stay. But God had other plans, it turned out. My book was rejected by the UFO Museum "because it dealt with religion" I was told, and then strangely enough, it was also rejected by the local Christian bookstore "because it dealt with UFOs!"

Stymied for quite awhile, eventually I took the odd step of opening a storefront billed as "the only location in Roswell New Mexico offering biblical perspectives on UFOs and abductions."

Not that there was ever much demand for such, but in the one place the entire world looks to for "the truth" I figured the Word of God had to be in the mix, and represented from Roswell New Mexico.

2nd location, conveniently located right across from The UFO Museum

Read closely; and you'll see why it's no wonder that they hated me so

A good hair day for me

Locally, the store wasnít exactly a hit, but globally, it attracted much press and internet traffic. Obviously I wasnít the only one interested in this biblical views angle, and far from the only author writing from such a perspective.

But the real ground-breaking moves began with the conferences my friends and I organized.

Without sanction or support of previous UFO Festival committees, we brought in a constantly evolving crew of many of the biggest and best names in ufology over the years to present on aspects of the UFO phenomena never before heard in Roswell...

John Greenewald, Jr - Freedom of Information Act Files from The Black Vault

Richard M. Dolan - UFOs & The National Security State : Documenting Government Duplicity of UFO Secrecy

Stephen Bassett,
Political Activist -
The Politics of Disclosure

Dr Michael S. Heiser, PhD -
A Degreed Hebrew Scholar's Challenge to The Errors of Zechariah Sitchin

Dr William (Bill) Alnor, PhD -
E.T.'s Spiritual Views, In Their Own Words / UFO Cults & Extraterrestrial-based Religious Movements

Joseph Jordan, CE4 -
Testimony of a M.U.F.O.N. Researcher : Terminating Abductions As a Life Pattern
And many more... View all DVDs for sale WATCH all videos online

... and no small amount of tourists to hear them out, even in the UFO Festivalís recent "off-years."

Maybe thatís what caught the attention of this yearís UFO Festival committee - credible speakers and a heart for tourism that benefits everybody...

(Then again, maybe it was stunts like this that caught their attention ... Whatever.)

(Or maybe it was the STAR TREK 40th Anniversary Convention in Seattle... VIEW ALL PICS

(Internationally acclaimed photog Matt Hoyle's visit to shoot me for his book? Those trips to Hollywood, Washington DC, Las Vegas, and more...?

(Or The FOO FIGHTERS concert in Roswell where I showed out? Wanna see my FOO FIGHTERS PICS?

(The History Channel Interview? Being part of Charisma Magazine's Cover Story? The "Resistance Is Fertile" Fate Mag Interview? Or maybe, just maybe it was being named one of  "Top 10 Alien Abduction sites on the internet" by Peter Robbins of UFO Magazine? Okay #10, but I was on the list...)

The "Alien Stranger Gallery" has more silly pics, and
Pics of famous peeps from more conferences HERE

... But given my history I was both surprised and honored to be asked to join Mayor Lagroneís 2007 UFO Festival committee!

Iíve had the pleasure of serving with many people whom Iíd never met, who have worked and planned extremely hard for months and months to produce this 60th Anniversary UFO Festival -

- and the lack of hotel rooms shows weíve succeeded.

Itís been especially great to have the support and sanction of The City to produce the largest conference I have to-date as well; 20 speakers, 2 PhDís in the mix, and a truly international representation with credentials Roswell can be proud of hosting. 

This is bordering dangerously on acceptance, so itís probably good that the name-calling still continues, or I might lose my edge.


I think it comes mostly as one or two peopleís efforts to make themselves somehow look better, by trying to make someone else look bad.

Doesnít really matter - they said a lot worse about Jesus, so Iím in good company.


Accept me, and Iíll probably have to leave.


Guy Malone

2007 UFO Festival Coordinator

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2014, and "the adventure continues" with my recent inclusion in
The Society of American Loons - along with Mel Gibson, Tom Cruise, Madonna,
and less than 1,000 others. Hmmmm, I wonder if they'd all come out for a conference...?

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