2005 National UFO Conference
held at Renaissance Hollywood Hotel

L-R  Christine Liptak (producer), Lisa Davis (Executive Director), Guy Malone & Free (Staff)


Lisa Davis
(Executive Director)

Special Guests >>>
former CNN anchors
Cheryll Jones (right),
Mistress of Ceremonies
& Bella Shaw (left)

Photos 2005
Amy Ward (Staff)

Speakers  (not inclusive)

Nick Redfern Richard Dolan Lynne Kitei Cheryll Jones Stephen Bassett
Cheryll Jones Linda Moulton-Howe Greg Bishop Richard Sauder

Candid moments, including Friday night Cocktail party



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Saturday Night Banquet Dinner






Sunday Afternoon Panel Discussion - (Guy Malone, Moderator)








Sunday night - whoever's still working!



Monday - Awesome sidetrips to
King Tut Exhibit (photos not allowed), David Sereda's house, and Venice Beach, courtesy Lori Minick!



Thanks Richard & Karyn Dolan for sending these 5...


                                              okay we didn't take the last one....

TEDDDD! DVDs of all presentations available through www.LostArtsMedia.com

Don't miss the 43rd Annual
National UFO Conference
- already in planning stages!