Lectures recorded live in Roswell New Mexico, July 2004 at the
Ancient of Days UFO / Abduction Conference

DVD contains...

"A Degreed Hebrew Scholar's Ongoing, Unanswered Challenge
to the Errors of
Zechariah Sitchin"

"Could Christianity Accommodate
a Genuine
Extra-Terrestrial Reality?"

"Genesis 6 Hybridization:
Sons of God,
Daughters of Men
& The Nephilim"

"Ezekiel's Wheel
& Chapter 1 Vision"

"Anunnaki, Watchers,
Serpentine Beings &
The Netherworld
in Ancient Texts"

Special Link:
Guy Malone (AOD organizer) and Mike Heiser's responses to History Channel's
"UFOs in the Bible" program

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Image used in Mike's presentation

Dr. Mike Heiser earned his Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Mike holds an M.A. in Ancient History (Egypt, Palestine) from the Ivy League University of Pennsylvania and an M.A. from the UW-Madison in Hebrew Bible and Ancient Semitic Languages.  He taught theology at the undergraduate level for 12 years, and now serves as Academic Editor for Logos, a leading Bible software company.  View Professional Bio, Fellowships and Credentials here... http://www.michaelsheiser.com/mikecv.htm

A popular guest on Coast to Coast AM, Art Bell says "Mike is uniquely qualified to discuss the relationship between ancient texts and ufology..." Mike has appeared twice a year since 2000, with Art Bell, George Noory and Barbara Simpson, answering questions pertaining to the Nephilim of Genesis 6 and his critiques of Zechariah Sitchin's errors. Upon hearing only one of these shows, speaker and author Jim Marrs told Mike that he wished he'd heard Mike Heiser's analysis before endorsing Zechariah Sitchin in his book, Alien Agenda.

In 2001, Mike presented his "Could Christianity...?" and "ZS Challenge" lectures at the Bay Area UFO conference before a large group of UFO enthusiasts and Sitchin fans; not only did he not get lynched, he sold out of copies of his book The Facade after audiences got to hear him speak! Mike then spoke at the first Ancient of Days Conference in Roswell in 2003, where he expanded these lectures, and also met and engaged in panel discussion with David Flynn and Richard C. Hoagland

Mike, David and Richard continued the conversation (along with Paul Nelson and Hugh Ross) at the 1-day "God, Man and ET Conference" hosted by the University of Madison Wisconsin, Parkside Campus, which Mike organized.

Because of the many requests for a full workshop, Mike finally gave this 5-lecture series in Roswell NM, where a very impressed Stephen Bassett asked Mike to present at the Washington DC area X-Conference...

After viewing just the "Challenge" lecture (Part 1 of the DVD above) William Henry wrote "Many thanks for lending me the Mike Heiser lecture DVD. I watched it today with great interest. I'd like to see the serpent/watchers video he referenced as well as his findings concerning what Nibiru actually is, according to his research collaboration with RCH. By the way, I'll be in Phoenix next week with a rabbi and a priest who are close to Sitchin. I think I'll take Mike's DVD and show it to them."

So what exactly is Mike Heiser saying that ALL of the above now know, and that Zechariah Sitchin (and his accountant) hope you'll never find out? What exactly does the Bible say about the Nephilim of Genesis 6,  if Sitchin is so off-base? And why does an Ivy League theologian argue that Orthodox Christianity and Judaism should have NO TROUBLE accepting "A Genuine ET Reality" if such were proven true?