Resistance Is Fertile

by Rosemary Ellen Guiley, PhD

NOTE: I've discovered that the original article is no longer available online at, so this is scanned from my copy.
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First off, my sincere thanks to Rosemary for... well, for getting this right!

I've been interviewed possibly over 100 times - internet, television, radio, newspaper, magazines, documentaries (and "mockumentaries" alike...), college and high school papers, etc - counting all things combined. NOBODY (before or since) has done as good a job of drawing me out with such poignant, intelligent, and relevant questions, and then faithfully printing/reporting exactly what I actually said (save for live broadcasts, of course), and in perfect and proper context, as Rosemary Guiley has done for Fate Magazine.

This is the real deal, not like that History Channel debacle...

Secondly tho (and haha) some of my views on just a few of the topics she reported on - correctly, at the time - have changed since 2005, and actually detail a theoligical view I no longer hold, nor wish to promote. So please forgive the "Black Vault" style blackout marks on a couple of these pages (and omission of what would be Page 3). People change, and their views do as well with honest research. Like I've said at a couple of UFO conferences "Show me someone in this field who still believes and teaches the same thing they did 10 years ago, and I'll show you a C.I.A. agent!"

If you really care about what's blacked out and why, see "What We Don't Believe" on and/or my Politics, Prophecy & The Supernatural interview.

Yours because His,
  Guy Malone

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